Thursday Thoughts :Coaching Culture is Needed for Growth

Coaching Culture and Role of Coaching Leaders

After The Great Resignation trend became popular since the arrival of COVID, traditional workplace culture is being challenged. The organizations that still practice the un-updated culture risk their employees as to those which adapt to the future. According to Korn Ferry’s 2017 Talent Forecast survey, one major reason why great candidates chose a company was because of the culture.

Have you ever believed that you have more potential than your present level? If yes, why are you not able to harness it more often?

A great majority of senior executives think yes because of the scarcity of time and money. Coaching has proved to be one of the best solutions for all the foregoing problems. Practicing and supporting coaching culture has become the future and continues to bring laurels to organizations.

In the HCI – ICF 2014 Study, 60% of respondents from organizations with strong coaching cultures report their 2013 revenue to be above their peer group.

So What describes Coaching Culture actually…? Culture helps in cultivating positive attitude and growth mindset inside the organization. Coaching culture is firmly focused on building and empowering talent to deliver exact outcomes, strengthen leadership capacities, increase preservation and expand engagement. By adopting a coaching culture arena, we can create an environment of mental trust and balance that fosters transformation and growth.

How to infuse coaching culture is next question…There are various ways that an organization can use to adapt to a coaching environment like reaching out to external executives or level oriented approach. Though the detailed reach is unique to each team, some broad ways are:

  • Demonstrate, not insert – You can give various real-life examples of executives who significantly benefitted.
  • Coordinate it with development strategy and talent- you can start deploying coaching practices with seniors first, then reach the whole firm.
  • Engaging HR teams in coaching conversation skills- Opposing to popular belief, coaching is no just solely for development purposes it is also for everyday challenges. Make sure individuals know how to coach their people.

The stronger the coaching skills of your HR department, the more they can experience and exemplify the benefits. It’s time to take action.

Deloitte’s 5th 2017 Global Human Capital Trends Report highlighted 10 Human Capital Trends top of the list is Careers and Learning. The coaching culture is now being adopted by an increasing number of firms and the benefits are great.

  • Goal setting with a growth mindset – employees get the accountability and autonomy to set their own short goals that align with the motto. 
  • Promotes creativity and innovation – reaching out with an open mindset increases ideas.
  • analysis and solution at an individual level

Cited by Deloitte’s report, 83% of executives say it critical to “provide learning experiences that allow employees to build skills quickly and easily.”

As the problem has increased even more due to COVID new patterns for success have appeared. A coaching culture will improve not only the way employees interact but also the interactions with customers and potential clients.

EEW Coaching led by Coach Kishore Kapoor is providing right approach and outstanding solutions to the business owners and executives to learn the new culture. Lets create together a beautiful passionate innovative culture…together.

Mutual Understanding is Mutual Growth

Mutual understanding exists as part of our overall social experience, far beyond our cognitive or abstract philosophies of personal understanding. If the nature of shared bonds, which involves experiences, outlooks, and meaning, keep pacing the same way, it’ll demand in the cultivation of mutual understanding.

On our way towards planned learning and discovery, we create collective meaning in our lives that reverberates with others. The same phenomenon is applied in the business world for affairs within and outside business to prosper. Many cases have shown how equally participating and working together has uplifted the company’s effectiveness.

We learn to become more exposed and interested in unity with others. We discover a large variety of perspectives, attitudes, and well-being that shape what’s going on with us.

Grow Businesses with the help of Mutual Understanding.

This understanding originates from a deep interest in others and a radical openness. For harnessing it, many things come into play. Some of them mainly being – effective communication, willingness to actively listen, and searching for common interests.

Different regions’ cultures use communication in different ways. When businesses use resources in countries, geographical, or political areas, communication needs an effective approach to establish mutual understanding. 

To understand its establishment, several aspects should be taken into consideration: the context of the company and the negotiated culture, the refined meaning of what another person means with their confrontations – their aspect of an idea – and the use of communication.

Exacting common goals and cooperative participation can enhance the performance of any allied organization working together. These benefits are promised for the long run when more and more collaboration starts popping. Partnerships between employee and employer, employer and customer, and multiple leaders require a common safe place. This is again where mutual understanding comes into place that safeguards the performers with improved public relations. 

Mutual understanding inculcates broad gateways for potential, resulting in dissolving boundaries and creating intentional meaning between self and others.

So Let us all train ourselves to be a good thinker and utilize every aspect to collaborate and grow..

Thursday Thought :: Compassion Calms Corona Fear

Compassion Calms Corona Fear

As we celebrate Full Moon Day today dedicated to Buddha ; three virtues come to mind –

  1. Compassion
  2. Peace
  3. Non Attachment

And Let me start with Non Attachment. Having no attachment with desire, people, situations and past or future…leads to erosion of suffering. It never means we can not care and love people…but its done by being Seeer NOT doer. This also leads to us having no expectation from others but only acceptance of universe as it is.

With Non Attachment as virtue, we understand beauty is within . As we go within, connection with inner spirit establishes and peace is natural outcome. Meditation helps a lot in achieving this state. When Peace embraces us we get strong with sense of serving others. Serving makes us Deserving by Universe for we become Giver not Taker.

Compassion develops as an extension of non attachment and peace within. When we have no ego, we receive Greatness. At this state we are seeing other beings and non beings as one and same. We are in Unison with Uni-verse. We feel when some one suffers and we act whenever we can to reduce suffering of others. And this power to feel and contribute comes from our own non attachment as first virtue.

May Buddha be awaken within all of us…for world is in absolute need of compassion and peace.

Earth is A School and Life is a Student

Life on Earth is for Learning and Contributing

3.30 AM…I am awake again. Meditating. 

QUESTION appears Why on Earth? for What? And why NOW? 

INDEED this question came about 32 years back as well.. when I was in high school. And 32 years is a very short period for earth …though a significant one for me or any human.

AS I introspect, I see…learning for me are many in this period… Joy of Being Aware, Joy of having a Purpose…Sadness of not able to give 100 percent to many causes and people. Overwhelming thoughts of despair sometimes and being in Gratitude at other times.

BIRTH in a small town in center of India known as Gwalior…And than moving to Bangalore for first Job..and Now working on mission to make 10 Million people happy in coming 9 years…Journey is fascinating and challenging.

I stated seeing each day as New Learning Chapter on this Earth School and Excitement is enormous each day for next day is waited with curiosity. Teacher is different each day and classes are at different places. One day teacher is my colleague and other day is my daughter…one day teacher is my wife and other day is old friend who is now no more!

PLACES are also teacher sometimes as each has its own history and present. Books are teaching me what other have learnt in this school.

AND When we see our life as student on Planet earth…Learning never stops and Death is just last lesson prior to Graduation.

Cherishing each moment and being happy NOW is key to Learn and graduate…Our Consciousness as Parents is Watching our Experience and Learning each day…Love is Language in which our parents speak to their beautiful and you.


Explore Excellence Within

Explore Within 

We as Individuals are Complete. Many a times most of us Forget our Completeness and Doubt our Excellent abilities and Potential. What is needed is deep dive into inner space and discuss openly and freely with Coach and Self.

Whether its Professional or Personal Space, Excellence when realized….helps us achieve our purpose. Universe never brings anyone on Planet Earth without clear Purpose. 

Since Childhood, we go through  many experiences – positive and negative. Bad or Good, they create imprints…long lasting but not ever lasting.

For exploring potential and have excellence in actions, I offer my Coaching. . I customize session for each client as per current Realities.  ( Example – It can be 60 Minute Session, 12 Times over Three Months and with unlimited emails during 90 day Engagement )

This Journey is yours.. Goal is yours and Driver is YOU!

I would work with  you …for Excellence in your Business / Individual Aspirations.

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Happy Exploration.

Excellence Always,

Kishore Kapoor    


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