Earth is A School and Life is a Student

Life on Earth is for Learning and Contributing

3.30 AM…I am awake again. Meditating. 

QUESTION appears Why on Earth? for What? And why NOW? 

INDEED this question came about 32 years back as well.. when I was in high school. And 32 years is a very short period for earth …though a significant one for me or any human.

AS I introspect, I see…learning for me are many in this period… Joy of Being Aware, Joy of having a Purpose…Sadness of not able to give 100 percent to many causes and people. Overwhelming thoughts of despair sometimes and being in Gratitude at other times.

BIRTH in a small town in center of India known as Gwalior…And than moving to Bangalore for first Job..and Now working on mission to make 10 Million people happy in coming 9 years…Journey is fascinating and challenging.

I stated seeing each day as New Learning Chapter on this Earth School and Excitement is enormous each day for next day is waited with curiosity. Teacher is different each day and classes are at different places. One day teacher is my colleague and other day is my daughter…one day teacher is my wife and other day is old friend who is now no more!

PLACES are also teacher sometimes as each has its own history and present. Books are teaching me what other have learnt in this school.

AND When we see our life as student on Planet earth…Learning never stops and Death is just last lesson prior to Graduation.

Cherishing each moment and being happy NOW is key to Learn and graduate…Our Consciousness as Parents is Watching our Experience and Learning each day…Love is Language in which our parents speak to their beautiful and you.


Explore Excellence Within

Explore Within 

We as Individuals are Complete. Many a times most of us Forget our Completeness and Doubt our Excellent abilities and Potential. What is needed is deep dive into inner space and discuss openly and freely with Coach and Self.

Whether its Professional or Personal Space, Excellence when realized….helps us achieve our purpose. Universe never brings anyone on Planet Earth without clear Purpose. 

Since Childhood, we go through  many experiences – positive and negative. Bad or Good, they create imprints…long lasting but not ever lasting.

For exploring potential and have excellence in actions, I offer my Coaching. . I customize session for each client as per current Realities.  ( Example – It can be 60 Minute Session, 12 Times over Three Months and with unlimited emails during 90 day Engagement )

This Journey is yours.. Goal is yours and Driver is YOU!

I would work with  you …for Excellence in your Business / Individual Aspirations.

You can email me or fill  details below for me to  revert.

You may request to have first free exploration introductory session over Skype.  

Happy Exploration.

Excellence Always,

Kishore Kapoor    


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