Having Knowledge is not Knowing

Knowledge is EGO of Mind…Knowing is KEY!

Knowing is Feeling and it is Emotional Connect with Thing, Person and Situation we are connected.

Many a Times I wonder after discussion and debate…as to what is missing STILL. With deep reflection, I understood it was my EGO of knowledge which stopped me from Knowing person and having feelings to feel subconscious of person engaged with me.

hEARt is all about EAR i.e. Listening to know and understand not to respond.

Being in Sales myself for many years prior to transitioning as Business Coach and Facilitator, biggest breakthrough was my intention to listen what is not said…AND feel what is unsaid ignoring my knowledge and EGO of having knowledge.

NOW I KNOW despite not having knowledge and its a Bliss to be in state of flow to know and hEAR unsaid.

Be The World without Words! Be The Bliss without Bias and Be YOU when Universe is Within.

Happy Exploration!



In the Moment ; Miracle Happens!

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The Moment.

The Moment. Are we chasing something or someone which is deviation from The Moment.

Once we realise that we have only this Moment…All would be so clear like a Crystal.

Purpose of You is Being in the Moment. Nowhere Else.

Best Success of You is in This very Moment.

Time is best in this Very Moment.

Few Years back I attended a Seminar and Leader mentioned about Finding your Purpose of Life and with enormous tools to get there ( to purpose) Somehow . AND after all the exercise and wisdom, clarity emerges that It was not to be. As Purpose is not something which you can find.

PURPOSE is lived in the Moment.

So if I am writing this blog, this is My Purpose Now. AND when I am Coaching to entrepreneurs, am in PURPOSE then as well. AND when am in Meditation, am in Purpose that very moment as well. So what is Quest for?

Being Here and Wanting to be there …is a very big trick our Mind plays. For Monkey Mind ( Wandering Mind) illusions seems reality and reality is somewhere else. NOW is what we have …The Moment. Can we be in Purpose and Celebrate what we are NOW.

Explore Excellence Within in this Very Moment…where else can we find ourselves!


for Your Excellence,






Essence of Self – A Miracle Indeed

baby beautiful birth body
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Essense of Self Birth is Most Powerful.

Gwalior is known for its Royal Heritage and Spiritual Awakening since centuries in Central India.

1972 March, I was born. Question arises when is the time in my life Journey when I am stronger than ever …when I was Born or Now or in between or in future yet to come?

Me or any of us are most powerful when we are born after 9 months of creation energy. Our Energy is maximum at the time of birth else we could not survive when we were so fragile by body size and activities. Survival Energy is Essence and most powerful energy we all have.

For Me all success and best moments are there when I recognised how powerful I am at birth and merely mention of same takes me to new strength.

All our efforts at young age or post that are nothing when compare to Birth Essence Energy and if we maintain some part of it throughout success and purpose are given to be achieved.

Why someone climbs Mt Everest easily and someone not able to cross-road even? Many of us have forgotten our essence as EGO takes over and Power of Birth takes back seat. As we dissolve our Ego…we become grounded…we become self and we become like Water ….70% of us are Water. And what is a River …always grounded and nourishing all . And if we take power from essence of our nature ….what is IMPOSSIBLE for us. All is Possible.

Awaken to our essence and take back your power.

Yes, I was most powerful in March 1972 when I took birth not after that. This awareness  gives me EGO Less sense of self.




Are we becoming Ocean of Bliss Within.

OCEAN – Sounds, Vastness, No Horizon, Beyond our Eyes, Enough Within, Giver, Godly.

We all are bestowed these immense qualities….we forgot or pretend to forget.

EGO-LESS is what comes to mind when I think of ocean. Enough Within but safe all are near its shore.

We are sometimes have ego despite knowing too little. I was reading a poetry where it was mentioned if you put your hand in a Bucket full of water and take it out , water will assume its original shape and quantity in no time. We are like a hand in bucket which can do nothing to even a bucket of water…what to say of Ocean.

But there is another possibility of Becoming an Ocean…an Ocean of Gratitude, Bliss, Beauty, Empathy, Caring, Wisdom and Service.

When we are Ocean ; we are impacted by no one. We just become ego independent and beyond doing…Being one with Universe.

Lets try to be Ocean. Our Original Beautiful Gifted Self.


Hug Your Fears

FEAR : False Ever Appearing Reality

Kiss, Hug, Embrace your fears to be what you are. simply YOU.

Fears never to be afraid of. Fears is your best Friend and needs love and affection from you. You can not hate Fear because she is closest of Friend. You can not ignore Fear as She us closest of Friend.

Fear of Loss, Insecurity, Relationship, Divorce, Non Directional Kids, Direction Loss, Career Loss, Over Thinking, Procrastination, Business Loss, Failure and Creating Mess. They are Ever Appearing Realities but only till you Fear them.

INVITE your fear to have and sit with you, TALK to her and Embrace her in your life and Most integral part.

See the magic when you have best Friend as Fear and you are blissful.

Who else can be YOU.  

Explore Excellence Within Fearlessly to be YOU.





Greed Or Fear – What motivates You.

In Life and Career, We have many reasons to get Demotivated OR get Enthusiastic for some thing..some person..some place..some purpose.

Most of us give reasons for this …which may not be true. And living in false assumptions leads to direction of unhappiness ( self created) .

Mostly most of us are driven by Greed or Fear.

Greed to be… better person, wealthy, spiritually active, winner, loving,  award winning, better career, ruler, dominating, serving etc etc.

Fear of… Being alone,  becoming insolvent, having career change,  job loss, love loss, relationship loss  etc etc.

We all humans need to Analyze deeply if any thing else is our Reason for doing something beside Greed or Fear at deepest level.

There is nothing wrong in having these as Humans exist and do greatest of work in Fear or Greed. Hitler lived and acted in some fear and some greed. Business Leaders have Greed and Fear. No one is exception.

What is important is Being Fully Aware and Being sensitive to it and not living in false assumptions.

One critical aspect of Life Coaching with me is going Deep into Fears and Greed or any other aspect…Recognize Tangibly..and Take them as input for actions resulting in Better YOU.

Explore Excellence Within.


Greed or Fear —Explore for Better You!



Bread To Budhahood.. Voyage Unplanned!

1993 Summer, finished my Engineering Honors Degree and took a train to Delhi for my first voyage to earn Bread ( some call it a job/ profession / employment) . BREAD is it at the end of the day.

One year on Bread Earning and Journey back to college now to get an MBA. Little MORE knowledge to earn bigger Bread. 

1996 Summer, Took a train again to Delhi from Gwalior to earn Bigger BREAD.

Fast track 2016, Bread got BIGGER And BIGGER not Better. 

20 Years! Various Roles in So called Corporate World. Bigger not Better. Business Manager, General Manager, AVP, VP etc etc . Title given to Bread. BIGGER NOT BETTER.

Summer 2017, Question arises first time – Why behind Bread all the time ! 20 years to get only Salary and Stress and Stiffness and Shout and Senseless Surroundings! FOR What???????

Serenity, Service, Self growth, Strong Will, Self Esteem what about these. 

WHAT aBoUt BUDHA in me.. source of Unlimited Knowledge, Self respect, Sharing, Serving, Knowing, Being Potential, Being BUDHA.

Summer 2017, I dedicate and declare No More running for Bigger Breads but Being Budha and spreading Knowing and Knowing self Better and Better .. NOT BiGGER.

Here I am NOW. Here I am now. With Time. 

Life Coach and Spiritual Seeker .. May serenity flow in abundance. Better me as Budha of me And have delight with Smaller Bread. You must eat less as you Grow. I wished Budha emerged long before! But Better late than Never.

Time is only you can Trust and Trust is Truthful in Totality.  Trusting Time is step One towards truth. Serving is emerging light when Trust flows. 

Why we Fight with Time when this is what IT IS. YES , Time is what remains. 

Why we Seek Answers When Question have vanished and Time is what you have. Universe exists in itself is Answer and Question to all Answers.




Explore Excellence Within!  

I am Enjoying new emerging BUDHA and forgetting the BREAD because Bigger OR Better.. Bread is an elusion to keep you far far from Light Within.

Let’s be Buddha of self emerging ever present light AND Explore Excellence Within to see Excellence in Universe and in all and further deep Explore to be what you can be. being YOU. 

Being Excellent is Natural

We Humans are not created to be Robot who spends life energy in activities which leads to no elevation of knowledge.  Worrying about future is irrelevant for present.

You want to be light and peaceful and have harmony; because its natural to living being. And if we follow natural aspects, excellence in what we do would reflect squarely.

When we argue with what shows up; we get limited. Accept each moment and person as it shows up. 

Biggest success for us is we have life and path is full of happiness. Excellence flows when we do look for happiness as outcome but as a way of life. Being happy is not depended on any one else but ourselves.

Mind is like a monkey jumping thoughts from one to another to another. We need to catch it for us to Excel. Focus comes when we catch monkey rather than dancing to tune of wandering thoughts.

Excellence is just nature of us as happiness is. 

I believe in one step …small step at a time; because Journey gets easy. Run for what when destination is not there. Be Happy Now!

Postponing happiness is like not being best of you…can we be unhappy anytime?

Lets celebrate life and be cherished for something extraordinary…YOU.






Behavior is Key for Leadership Growth

Behavior Transforms Individual as a Leader.Explore

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Many a times we face significant challenges due to not doing what is needed for us. Comfort is what we look for and we miss the big picture. Listening is one good example…we do not listen and we miss on valuable insights from colleagues.
When Coaching process begins for my clients, we see value in Listening so much and many great executives miss growth just because change is not what they are comfortable with.
You are not inauthentic; when you go for change of Behavior But you are Courageous.
Time Management is another big Behavior change, Leaders need to follow and have Team follow as well. I have seen many executives not able to focus on Time and time moves on for them leaving Excellence unexplored.
Fact is, We as Humans underestimate our challenges and overestimate our plan…which leads to sense of guilt when unrealistic Goal not accomplished.
Explore Excellence with me and let Journey of change begin with few aspects which if handled well in Behavioral aspects …can have you in a delight zone of yours.
Excellence Always,
Kishore Kapoor

Explore Excellence Within

Explore Within 

We as Individuals are Complete. Many a times most of us Forget our Completeness and Doubt our Excellent abilities and Potential. What is needed is deep dive into inner space and discuss openly and freely with Coach and Self.

Whether its Professional or Personal Space, Excellence when realized….helps us achieve our purpose. Universe never brings anyone on Planet Earth without clear Purpose. 

Since Childhood, we go through  many experiences – positive and negative. Bad or Good, they create imprints…long lasting but not ever lasting.

For exploring potential and have excellence in actions, I offer my Coaching. . I customize session for each client as per current Realities.  ( Example – It can be 60 Minute Session, 12 Times over Three Months and with unlimited emails during 90 day Engagement )

This Journey is yours.. Goal is yours and Driver is YOU!

I would work with  you …for Excellence in your Business / Individual Aspirations.

You can email me or fill  details below for me to  revert.

You may request to have first free exploration introductory session over Skype.  

Happy Exploration.

Excellence Always,

Kishore Kapoor    



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