Having Knowledge is not Knowing

Knowledge is EGO of Mind…Knowing is KEY!

Knowing is Feeling and it is Emotional Connect with Thing, Person and Situation we are connected.

Many a Times I wonder after discussion and debate…as to what is missing STILL. With deep reflection, I understood it was my EGO of knowledge which stopped me from Knowing person and having feelings to feel subconscious of person engaged with me.

hEARt is all about EAR i.e. Listening to know and understand not to respond.

Being in Sales myself for many years prior to transitioning as Business Coach and Facilitator, biggest breakthrough was my intention to listen what is not said…AND feel what is unsaid ignoring my knowledge and EGO of having knowledge.

NOW I KNOW despite not having knowledge and its a Bliss to be in state of flow to know and hEAR unsaid.

Be The World without Words! Be The Bliss without Bias and Be YOU when Universe is Within.

Happy Exploration!



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