In the Moment ; Miracle Happens!

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The Moment.

The Moment. Are we chasing something or someone which is deviation from The Moment.

Once we realise that we have only this Moment…All would be so clear like a Crystal.

Purpose of You is Being in the Moment. Nowhere Else.

Best Success of You is in This very Moment.

Time is best in this Very Moment.

Few Years back I attended a Seminar and Leader mentioned about Finding your Purpose of Life and with enormous tools to get there ( to purpose) Somehow . AND after all the exercise and wisdom, clarity emerges that It was not to be. As Purpose is not something which you can find.

PURPOSE is lived in the Moment.

So if I am writing this blog, this is My Purpose Now. AND when I am Coaching to entrepreneurs, am in PURPOSE then as well. AND when am in Meditation, am in Purpose that very moment as well. So what is Quest for?

Being Here and Wanting to be there …is a very big trick our Mind plays. For Monkey Mind ( Wandering Mind) illusions seems reality and reality is somewhere else. NOW is what we have …The Moment. Can we be in Purpose and Celebrate what we are NOW.

Explore Excellence Within in this Very Moment…where else can we find ourselves!


for Your Excellence,






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