Essence of Self – A Miracle Indeed

baby beautiful birth body
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Essense of Self Birth is Most Powerful.

Gwalior is known for its Royal Heritage and Spiritual Awakening since centuries in Central India.

1972 March, I was born. Question arises when is the time in my life Journey when I am stronger than ever …when I was Born or Now or in between or in future yet to come?

Me or any of us are most powerful when we are born after 9 months of creation energy. Our Energy is maximum at the time of birth else we could not survive when we were so fragile by body size and activities. Survival Energy is Essence and most powerful energy we all have.

For Me all success and best moments are there when I recognised how powerful I am at birth and merely mention of same takes me to new strength.

All our efforts at young age or post that are nothing when compare to Birth Essence Energy and if we maintain some part of it throughout success and purpose are given to be achieved.

Why someone climbs Mt Everest easily and someone not able to cross-road even? Many of us have forgotten our essence as EGO takes over and Power of Birth takes back seat. As we dissolve our Ego…we become grounded…we become self and we become like Water ….70% of us are Water. And what is a River …always grounded and nourishing all . And if we take power from essence of our nature ….what is IMPOSSIBLE for us. All is Possible.

Awaken to our essence and take back your power.

Yes, I was most powerful in March 1972 when I took birth not after that. This awareness  gives me EGO Less sense of self.




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