Are we becoming Ocean of Bliss Within.

OCEAN – Sounds, Vastness, No Horizon, Beyond our Eyes, Enough Within, Giver, Godly.

We all are bestowed these immense qualities….we forgot or pretend to forget.

EGO-LESS is what comes to mind when I think of ocean. Enough Within but safe all are near its shore.

We are sometimes have ego despite knowing too little. I was reading a poetry where it was mentioned if you put your hand in a Bucket full of water and take it out , water will assume its original shape and quantity in no time. We are like a hand in bucket which can do nothing to even a bucket of water…what to say of Ocean.

But there is another possibility of Becoming an Ocean…an Ocean of Gratitude, Bliss, Beauty, Empathy, Caring, Wisdom and Service.

When we are Ocean ; we are impacted by no one. We just become ego independent and beyond doing…Being one with Universe.

Lets try to be Ocean. Our Original Beautiful Gifted Self.


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