Greed Or Fear – What motivates You.

In Life and Career, We have many reasons to get Demotivated OR get Enthusiastic for some thing..some person..some place..some purpose.

Most of us give reasons for this …which may not be true. And living in false assumptions leads to direction of unhappiness ( self created) .

Mostly most of us are driven by Greed or Fear.

Greed to be… better person, wealthy, spiritually active, winner, loving,  award winning, better career, ruler, dominating, serving etc etc.

Fear of… Being alone,  becoming insolvent, having career change,  job loss, love loss, relationship loss  etc etc.

We all humans need to Analyze deeply if any thing else is our Reason for doing something beside Greed or Fear at deepest level.

There is nothing wrong in having these as Humans exist and do greatest of work in Fear or Greed. Hitler lived and acted in some fear and some greed. Business Leaders have Greed and Fear. No one is exception.

What is important is Being Fully Aware and Being sensitive to it and not living in false assumptions.

One critical aspect of Life Coaching with me is going Deep into Fears and Greed or any other aspect…Recognize Tangibly..and Take them as input for actions resulting in Better YOU.

Explore Excellence Within.


Greed or Fear —Explore for Better You!



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